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Cathifranks 3 days ago

"El Monstro" Burritos

The Shrimp Burrito was SOOOOO good, great sauce, big shrimp and absolutely delicious. We'll be back a lot!!

Arthursims75 7 days ago

"El Monstro" Burritos

Best burrito . I love this place i eat here more then once a week i cant stay away.

Lcobos777 19 days ago

Street Tacos

The chicharones tacos were great,as was the corn cup, so far the other dishes have been great. Good job

Veronica75159 about 1 month ago

Are You Kidding Me?" Torre de Mariscos Seafood Tower

This is a seafood tower and let me tell you it was my first time trying it so I was kinda worried I wasnt going to like it but no they proved me wrong it was sooo delicious I also had gotten the "Cevichelada " and that hit the spot ๐Ÿคค this has became my favorite spot here in town HIGHLY recommend you bring family and friends.The environment itself is so welcoming super chill vibes and the employees are super nice! Definitely a 10/10

Meganburger90 about 2 months ago

"What-The-Mala" Hot Cheeto Taco

The Hot Cheeto Taco is the most satisfying taco I have ever eaten in my life! It is a must try.

Eliz 2 months ago

"Santeria" Aguachile

The aguachile verde is BOMB. We had the spicy at level 3 (1-5) and it was perfect. First bite didn't seem that spicy but it builds up and is just that perfect heat that makes you want to keep eating more even though you know better. My dad is hella picky and he declared it his favorite dish thus far. Also the full order is plenty for four people if you are all having other mains. Let's just say we had leftovers and on the way home there was some juice spillage and I made sure zero chile juice went to waste. Second favorite are the tacos de birria con consume. Hella delish. Haven't tried anything tatted with FHC's, but I'm sure you're making Richard Montaรฑez proud. Keep doing what you're doing!

Zacpac1960 2 months ago

"Sabor A Mi" Huaraches

first time ordered this because it looked so good on the menu An it was ! really fresh all of it the crispy beard or tortilla its served on is great also the salsa bar just adds to meal many choices an they even have 2 kinds of beans at the salsa bar so going back for sure to try the seafood because it all looked so good!!

Avgutierrez9 2 months ago

"Sabor A Mi" Huaraches

Omg everything on the menu is delicious. I love this place!!! Recommended to all my friends and families!

Schroeder1536 3 months ago

"Sabor A Mi" Huaraches

Wow. The flavors really pop. Ate every bit!

Yadira 3 months ago

"El Kora" Mulitas

Also tried, ceviche, quesadillas, tacos, mojito, was by far very impressed with the food! great flavor, great location amazing customer service, the children impressed with cleanliness of restrooms, coming back in town next month and can't wait to have more!!!

Ljdressel64 3 months ago

"El Kora" Mulitas

I came into the most gorgeous, brightly colored and tastefully decorated Mexican "taco place" I'd ever seen! Since I was unfamiliar with some of the items on the menu I asked the cashier to describe a couple of them for me. She was very helpful and I ended up ordering a chicken mulita and a beef California burrito. I can honestly say I've never had better, more fresh-tasting food than I had today for lunch. The burrito was HUGE so had to take half home with me. I'm salivating right now thinking of the leftovers. Loved it!!

Bahlswede1 3 months ago

"El Paisa" Ceviches de Camaron

BEST Sushi in IE

Guendiisz 3 months ago

"What-The-Mala" Hot Cheeto Taco

We're tired their Burria their tacos and seafood all was good fast friendly and clean the mood was amazing enjoyed eating good food with my family my littles ones loved the music and food must try check it out one of my family fav places we used to leave town to get some good seafood not no more don't say I didn't tell hou

Xodeelo951 3 months ago

Street Tacos

Such a beautiful place, not just an ordinary taco shop. The tacos were delicious!!Definitely will be back, especially to try there micheledas &elotes. the ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

Reneelove0312 4 months ago

"No Cheat Days" Salad

BEST salad I've had in a long time. Definitely will get your money's worth because it's HUGE!! Had the Carne Asada which was amazing full of flavor along side the pico de gallo and guacamole. Yummy is all I can say. Definitely made a customer out of me. My go to spot for sure.

Daydeca12 4 months ago

Are You Kidding Me?" Torre de Mariscos Seafood Tower

The seafood tower was an amazing decadent plate of ceviched shrimp, octopus with an accompaniment of thinly sliced red onions and other vegetables in a spicy marinade sauce meant to let you know it was there. Will make my way thru the menu, a pleasant restaurant to either have lunch or dinner enjoying great food.

Dimplez 4 months ago

Street Tacos

The Tacos de Birria were delicious! So full of flavor and satisfying with a nice beer on the side! Highly recommend!

Arriagaveronica 4 months ago

"Sabor A Mi" Huaraches

The Huarache was amazing! The meat is delicious and it has the right amount of toppings ..just perfect! Aside from that, the service was fantastic and you can't get better ambience!

Givannib17 4 months ago

"What-The-Mala" Hot Cheeto Taco

I was told about this place by some friends and after hearing what i did i had to try it out, when I visited the food was amazing the staff was very nice and the whole restaurant was well put together i plan on coming back very soon.

Uspscmarsh 4 months ago

"Orale" Quesa x Taco

This place has me ADDICTED!! It's by far the most authentic Mexican food you'll ever come close to. Not only do I rate it a ๐Ÿ’ฏ in the food and the entire crews service of excellence but the atmosphere and cleanness brings me back. I've tried several dishes carne asada burrito, churros, chorizo taco and the sopes.....OMG!! Mouth watering..... forgot the beans๐Ÿ˜ณ....complimentary & to die for. That's enough go try it and yes best place in Hemet.

Marilynmoreno80 6 days ago

Street Tacos

Love the food, service and atmosphere!!!

Lady2007 8 days ago


The best seafood in town i wish you would open up your business in menifee

Dnlrivera333 21 days ago

"El Monstro" Burritos

Very delicious,service was excellent!

Shannonsamprdh about 1 month ago

Street Tacos

This place is delicious with awesome customer service!!

Tacardozo about 2 months ago

"El Kora" Mulitas

The mulitas are bomb!! But they use the regular size tortillas, so beware before you go ordering 3 ๐Ÿ˜‚. Music is great, soccer on the big screen. Definitely check it out!

Zacpac1960 2 months ago

"Santeria" Aguachile

Fresh and fabulous!!! We will be back.

Cougarkats 2 months ago

"Cheese-Moso" Quesadillas

Awesome food awesome staff!

Kendravarela 3 months ago

"El Monstro" Burritos

The Califas Burrito and Burria tacos are five star! You gotta try them, you won't regret it!

Maggieperaza 3 months ago

"El Kora" Mulitas

When I tell you I'm a big fan of mexican authentic food, I am. I will literally drive all the way to Tijuana to eat some tacos. But since I just discovered this place by a friend, I DONT HAVE TO! I had their tacos de birria and an asada mulita and OMG, they taste the same as they do in TJ ! I live in Moval but this is my new favorite spot and I will drive here with no problem!

Barb 3 months ago

OG Micheladas Mix

The micheladas here are amazing!!! Need the recipe!! โค๏ธโค๏ธ

Yayers1990 3 months ago

"Orale" Quesa x Taco

I loved the crispy cheese and flavor of the meat. It has the freshest ingredients and the staff felt like family. I will be back!

Fjimenez2285 3 months ago


The cevichelada was amazing, delicious and refreshing. You get to pick a beer of chose and it's topped off with a cup/bowl of ceviche on top. It's like a beer and appetizer in one. I've also had the cabeza, asada, carnitas and al pastor street tacos, and those are very juicy, tender and delicious flavor as well. Anytime I want mexican food or michelada, this is my go to spot!!

Saturngrrloctonaut 3 months ago

Street Tacos

Going back later today for some more street tacos. They were sooo good and the salsa bar is the best in town. Plan on bringing more and more people to this spot.

Brookejenningssteph 4 months ago

Street Tacos

Omg.Favorite new taco spot. They had elote.๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ Love this place. Not spendy. Awesome atmosphere. Great staff and service. Definitely recommending.

Cdffiremedic 4 months ago

"El Monstro" Burritos

Killer and good sized burrito, this gringo loves it!!!

Ynvmeworkot 4 months ago

"El Monstro" Burritos

Outstanding authentic Mexican Cuisine. I talked to menus were very fast and easy to understand. The fact that they had in Spanish and in English what we were ordering made it very very convenient for me to understand what was going on. I cannot say how much I was really impressed with the food and the fact that the alcoholic beverages was a very large selection. The signature drinks were outstanding. But with all that going on the atmosphere the attention to detail with the authentic paintings and pictures that were inside and outside the restaurant brought a real feel what it's like to be in a authentic Mexican restaurant. They have done a very good job with this place and I feel then it'll be a great influence in the fact that there are not that many great restaurants in Hemet California but this one will be one of the great ones. I thought that the prices were reasonable but the food was very good. I really don't care how much it really cost but the prices were reasonable but good food is good food that's what we had good food. I like to thank them for bringing this restaurant here. It will be a great credit to the community. Believe it or not it just got better. Today is November 2nd 2019. We did not know that was a grand opening of this restaurant this outstanding Mexican cuisine. Once again the food was outstanding and I tell you outstanding it was the service was fast and friendly anything that I did not understand they were more than gracious enough to break it down for me although Spanish is not my second language they were able to break it down and comfortably tell me what it is that I ordered what is the best thing to order and what are their Specialties. That is greatly appreciated since I am I United States Marine and we only know how to do one thing the one thing right. I tell you this is the place to be this was their grand opening they had a DJ that was outstanding a young breakdancer did his performance in front of the DJ booth there is so many people there I did not get a chance to get my camera up to take a picture of the young man out there breakdancing who did a excellent find jobs considering that is from my area he did an outstanding job. We tried a different part of the menu and it was outstanding I cannot believe that didn't taste of everything that we had it was a pleasure to go to I am going back again and guess what we've been there and we got the T-shirt.

Blanckneezy 4 months ago

Pineapple Express

๐Ÿ”ฅThe BESt NO LIE!!๐Ÿ˜

Cardonalex97 4 months ago

"Wiseman" Shrimp Cocktail

One of the best I've tried! Great flavor, just the right amount of spice to it. The best part is it's loaded with shrimp not like most places that give you 2 or 3 little shrimps. They give you a good amount to fill you up! 10/10!!

Oteros2015 4 months ago

"Wiseman" Shrimp Cocktail

Great shrimp cocktail!

Jaimee 4 months ago

"El Kora" Mulitas

I enjoyed this, but other things on the menu were so yum that I'd probably stick to the mariscos when we go back.


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